Floki Frunk Puppy (FFPuppy) - Elon's Tweets Done Safely!

The Tweet that inspired the Token!

The Token... Introducing Floki Frunk Puppy (FFPuppy)

Floki Frunk Puppy (FFPuppy)



2% Redistribution of Tokens to Holders
4% Marketing
4% Auto Liquidity
2% Development

100% of the Initial & the Auto Liquidity Burned

Floki Frunk Puppy is proud to be part of the 'Making Elon Safu' Project

Our Telegram Group is t.me/MakingElonSafu
it's the home of all our Elon-inspired tokens

The growth potential of an Elon Tweet is huge. But the scammers know this, and every time he Tweets they jump all over it. BSC is crying out for a safe place where we can all buy Elon-inspired tokens knowing with absolute confidence that they are 100% SAFU!

This is the idea behind Making Elon Safu. When Elon Tweets a potential token name, we will create a new token to add to our collection. The token will be created by trusted developer GenTokens and include strict rules and hard-coded limits to protect investors.

By continually raising awareness of our project, we will fight the scammers! When Elon Tweets, people will immediately look to us to provide them with a 100% Safu token, so that they know their investment is safe and they can buy with total confidence.

We currently have 3 meme tokens that are based on Elon's Tweets. We are about to introduce a 4th token, but this one is different. We call it the HODL token.

The 'Making Elon Safu' HODL Token - COMING SOON!


10% Redistribution of Tokens to "Qualified" Holders

How to Qualify

You MUST hold at least 3 of our meme tokens to qualify for the 10% Reflection.

If you sell ANY of the meme tokens, you are excluded from the 10% reflection on the HODL token for 1 week.
(Even selling 1 single token will exclude you!)


All of our meme tokens will have a 1% fee that is used to buyback the HODL token. This buyback will then be used to add more liquidity to the HODL token. If we do not need to add liquidity the buy back will be burnt or used for marketing. People that are holding the HODL token will gain greatly when we do the buyback!

The HODL token will be releasing very soon! If you have already sold any of our meme tokens, you will need to wait 7 days from the moment that you sold before you qualify for reflections on the HODL token.

Check our Telegram for updates

The Rules for every Making Elon Safu MEME Token

  • 100% of the initial Liquidty is BURNED!
  • Auto Liquidity is sent directly to BURN!
  • Hard-coded fee limits - The max fee possible is locked at 12%
  • Contract created and managed by trusted and doxed developer GenTokens.
  • Fair Launch - No team tokens, no pre-sale, no discounts for anybody.

Meet the Devloper - GenTokens

Steven Hall - "Gen" of GenTokens

Any token is only as safe as the developer behind it. That's why you need a trusted developer with a proven track record. Steven Hall (AKA Gen of GenTokens) is one of the most respected and trusted solidity developers on BSC. He is fully doxed and well known for exposing scammers. He is the host go the GenTokens YouTube channel and has many safe projects to his name, including Muso, Gallant, Seismic, FoxGirl, and GeniusBoy.

Every token created for Making Elon Safu is coded and fully managed by Gen, he is the only person that has access to the contracts. We often hear horror stories of team members going rogue, running away with the marketing wallet or ripping out the liquidity. Although Gen works with a very trusted team on many projects, Gen is the only person with access to the contract and marketing wallet. Nobody ahs accesss the Liquidity, it is burned.

What is "Locked" Liquidity?

When a token launches, people often ask if the Liquidity is locked, but what exactly does this mean? When a developer adds liquidity to a token, they receive something called Cake_LP from PancakeSwap. Cake_LP acts like a ticket, which can be used to remove the liquidity at any time.

It is not possible to "Lock the liquidity" but it is possible to lock the Cake_LP tokens that represent the Liquidity.

When a developer locks the Cake_LP tokens, the Liquidity can no longer be removed from PancakeSwap... Until the lock expires. The fact that "Locked Liquidity" will eventually unlock is a problem. The Cake_LP tokens represent 100% of the liquidity, at launch this might be as low as 1 BNB, but over time, as people purchase the token, this increases substantially. When the Cake_LP tokens unlock they still represent 100% of the liquidity, and that could be millions of dollars.

Once the developer has the unlocked Cake_LP tokens in his or her wallet, they can remove the liquidity by clicking one button, instantly transferring millions of dollars to their wallet, and preventing any of the token holders from selling.

In the past we have seen many developers "go rogue" when the liquidity unlocks. It seems that the temptation of millions of dollars at the click of a button is too much for some people.

What is "Burned" Liquidity?

Burned Liquidity is when the developer destroys the Cake_LP tokens by sending them to the burn address. This can not be undone. Once the Cake_LP tokens that represent the liquidity have been burned the liquidity can not be removed. Every token listed on "Making Elon Safu" has burned (not locked) liquidity.

Our Growing Family of Elon-inspired Tokens

We currently have 3 Elon-inspired meme tokens. More will be added in future. We are now focussing our attention on building a stable eco-system for our existing tokens before adding more. This eco-system is supported by the introduction of our HODL token, which is designed to reward people that hold our meme tokens.




2% Redistribution of Tokens to Holders
4% Marketing
4% Auto Liquidity
2% Development

Bunny Rocket (BR_GT)



2% Redistribution of Tokens to Holders
4% Marketing
4% Auto Liquidity
2% Development

Marketing Plans and Road Map

Marketing Plans

Our marketing strategy is two-fold. We are aggressively marketing the concept of Making Elon Safu on social platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Reddit. We already have several posts dominating many sub-reddits, including crypto moonshots.

We have pinned shill messages in several popular Telegram communities and AMA's planned to promote the concept of the project as a whole, which automatically promotes every token that we launch.

We are also running constant giveaways, leveraging Gleam's excellent social media sharing tools to raise awareness of the project. Our focus at the moment is to grow our community.

Additionally, we are giving each token special attention. Many promotional avenues that are vital to a tokens success (such as BSCScan socials, Poocoin adverts, CMC and CG listing) have very strict requirements. When each of our tokens reach the required levels they will be promoted in all of these places.

We completely understand how important CMC listing is for a token. It is possible to fast-track listing, but it is not guaranteed and costs up to $20k we believe that this money can bring a lot more value to our community if spent elsewhere. CMC and CG are free if you play by the rules and wait until your token is ready.


Right now we are focussing on expanding awareness of the project, and increasing stability for our existing tokens. We will add new Elon-inspired meme tokens in future. Once we have established a solid foundation upon which we can build, our roadmap is very simple. Watch Elon's Tweets!

When Elon Tweets, we make a token. Once the token goes live, people have something safe to buy without having to risk their hard-earned money on an unknown developer that might rug.

Once a new token has been added we will begin an aggressive marketing campaign to help the token grow. One of the big advantages that we have when releasing a new token is that it doesn't stand alone. It is instantly added to our existing network on Twitter, Telegram and our website.

This gives all of our new tokens a huge boost as our existing community buy in at launch. We also benefit from promoting the concept of Making Elon Safu rather than each individual token. Usually, when you launch a token based on a Tweet you quickly become lost in a sea of memes. By launching our tokens through one platform they immediately leverage all of our existing marketing.

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